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Acnode Engineering Solutions was set up on the premise that the tools needed to innovate should be more accessible to the people who need them. We are passionate about technology and recognize its potential as a tool to transform lives by improving social and economic conditions. Therefore we are constantly working to facilitate innovation in hardware and software that can help with this transformation.

Through our hardware retail store, we help students, hobbyists, makers, entrepreneurs and open source hardware enthusiasts to build better projects by providing the affordable and quality tools they require to quickly prototype and develop new designs. By partnering with educators and others passionate about our cause, we also hope to introduce these technologies to a much larger audience. (If you’re an educator and want to partner with us, talk to us today.) Whether a novice or an expert, there are awesome things that can be built using these tools, both for fun and for functional purposes to solve everyday problems. We plan to roll out programmes soon catering to both demographics.

Through our engineering teams, we are constantly working to innovate to address issues we believe we have the capacity to tackle and to solve problems using the tools we have at our disposal. Expect to learn more about the things we are working on over the coming months through our blog.

What does Acnode even mean?

We stand out by definition:

Acnode: An isolated point not on a curve, but whose coordinates satisfy the equation of the curve

What sets us apart:

Value & Purpose: Our focus is to create exceptional value in our products and services. Furthermore, we believe that these products and services should have a positive social and economic impact. 

Sustainability: At Acnode, we believe in sustainable solutions for the future. We recognize that how the company operates has a bearing on future generations. Sustainability underlines all our operations and represents one of our core values.

Accessibility: We believe in creating products and services that are accessible to everyone and that our educational tools can help create the future generation of world-changers.

Whether individual, corporate or industry, we are focused on providing the best possible solutions to you at the best possible value. But don’t take our word for it, try our services today! And keep up with this blog to follow us on our journey of fun and innovation.

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Acnode Team
Acnode Engineering Solutions is a technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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